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Parteck® SI 450 (Sorbitol) EMPROVE ESSENTIAL Ph Eur,BP,JSFA,NF,E 420

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Parteck® SI 450 excipient is part of the Parteck® range of functional excipients developed specifically for solid dose applications. It is a directly compressible sorbitol with an excellent tableting behavior and a pleasant mouthfeel and taste. It enables fast disintegration and dissolution, even at high tablet hardnesses. In addition, it is well-suitable for low dose API formulations as it supports a good content uniformity. As Emprove® Essential excipient, it is a high quality pharmaceutical excipient, offered with extensive documentation facilitating compliance, full supply chain transparency and risk mitigation.

Parteck® SI, directly compressible sorbitol, is available in a variety of particle sizes and has qualities that make it suitable for any application. The unique particle structure of Parteck® SI gives it distinctive physical properties, making it the perfect excipient for combining many ingredients into one elegant and robust tablet formulation.


  • Excellent direct compression properties
  • High dilution and adsorption capacity
  • Larger and highly structured surface area
  • Low hygroscopicity
  • Low amount of reducing sugars
  • Emprove® documentation and regulatory support

We offer several special grades of Parteck® SI with varying particle sizes and qualities designed to meet your applications’ specific requirements.

Parteck® SI: Unique Structure, Outstanding Features

The filamentous and porous surface of Parteck® SI enables more homogenous powder blends, more uniform content, and less dust during manufacture.

Tablets manufactured with Parteck® SI show much slower water uptake than tablets made with standard sorbitol. Its outstanding features – including good flow and excellent mouthfeel – make Parteck® SI the right choice for sugar-free chewables, effervescent tablets and lozenges.

All Parteck® SI products belong to our Emprove® program that provides exceptional documentation to smooth your approval preparation and bring your product to market faster.

Important manufacturer information:
The product will not longe be sampled

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Dosage Form

Capsules, Chewable tablets, dry suspensions, dry syrups, Effervescent tablets, Granules, Lozenges, Oral Suspensions, oral syrups, solid formulation, solid oral, Tablets


Diluent/filler for solid oral formulations, optimized for direct compression

Documents and Links

Safety Data Sheet for Parteck® SI 450 (Sorbitol) 103557


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