ZoomLab™: Digitally guiding dosage form and formulation for improved solubility

Poorly soluble drugs for oral administration present unique formulation challenges, particularly during early development. Various formulation approaches are available, and several aspects must be evaluated in order to identify which choice is most suitable for a specific drug.

BASF has developed ZoomLab™, a science-based formulation tool available online 24/7, guiding formulators in the selection of an ideal dosage form and a suitable starting drug formulation. We did the first ZoomLab™ Webinar in September 2020 with BASF when the enteric release coating module was added to Zoomlab™. Now we had the next webinar with the ZoomLab™ Team as they have reached another milestone with the integration of several functions around solubility calculation and recommendation.

We did a recording of the full webinar. The recording starts with a presentation and explanation of the new features around the solubility calculations and recommendations and continues with an introduction to the ZoomLab™ excipients database. The webinar continues with several questions from the webinar participants and the answers of the BASF team. We guarantee 55 minutes of really worthwhile and information webinar recording.

Watch the full webinar recording for free to learn from BASF experts on how ZoomLab™ can support your solubility challenges.

3 Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn, through a guided case study, how to explore whether a solid dispersion or lipid-based dosage form would be most likely to successfully solubilize your API
  2. Understand how to easily calculate API solubility parameters and learn about their application in formulation development
  3. Explore ZoomLab’s Excipient Database for ideal matching parameters to your processing and formulation needs


To give an impression of the webinar content we selected three questions and answers. See the following short video snippets:

Watch some of the Q&A here:

Q1: May I know how to select suitable polymer for an API based on the HSP values of our API?

Q2: What are d90, d50 and d10 values in the section of API processiblity?

Q3: What are the next steps for ZoomLab and what are we going to see?




Lindsay Johnson, PhD, PMP

Lindsay Johnson Headshot

Dr. Lindsay Johnson, Global Technical Marketing Manager, leads the Solubilization Platform at BASF Pharma Solutions.  In her role, Dr. Johnson manages global projects and teams to enable formulations of hydrophobic and highly crystalline active pharmaceutical ingredients through approaches like amorphous solid dispersions, self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, and softgel encapsulation.  She also leads the parenterals portfolio for small molecule delivery through injection formulations.

Dr. Johnson completed her Ph.D. on pharmaceutical excipients at the University of Minnesota.  She has held a range of technical and commercial roles within BASF, internationally and domestically.

Martin Hofsaess, PhD

Martin Hofsaess pictureDr. Martin Hofsaess, Scientist for Digital Formulation Development, is a team member of BASF Development Pharma Solutions located at Ludwigshafen, Germany. In his role, Dr. Hofsaess conceptualizes and develops digital solutions for BASF’s virtual formulation assistant ZoomLabTM. The focus of his work is the digitalization of structured development approaches for enabling formulations such as amorphous solid dispersions and lipid-based formulations for solubilizing poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Dr. Hofsaess completed his Ph.D. in pharmaceutical technology on the topic in vivo-predictive dissolution testing at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Before his current position, he held a PostDoc position at BASF Development Pharma Solutions.

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