A quick reference to plant gums and mucilages used as a tablet binder

Binders are the ingredients used in tablet granulation process for tablet cohesiveness. This confirms the tablet remains intact after compression. The development of new excipients for potential use as a binding agent in tablet formulations continues to be of interest. Different binding agents are used to achieve mechanical strength and drug release from tablets. Natural polysaccharides area unit wide employed in the pharmaceutical and food business as excipients and additives thanks to their low toxicity, biodegradable, availability and economical compared to synthetic one. Natural binders like different gums and mucilages possess binding capacity as well as some other properties like disintegrant, filler, sustained release and these natural polymers are much safer and economical than synthetic polymers. Download article here: a-quick-reference-to-plant-gums-as-tablet-binders.pdf

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