Ashland announces Klucel™ xtend HPC matrix former for extended-release tablets

Wilmington, Del., Oct. 3, 2022

Ashland is introducing Klucel™ xtend hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) controlled release matrix former, designed to deliver unsurpassed process versatility and release profile efficiency. It is the latest addition to the company’s Klucel™ product line and further expands their controlled release portfolio.

Until now, there were limited options for managing the release profile of formulations, especially high dose, controlled release formulations. Ashland’sstep change Klucel™ xtend HPC has been shown to match the release profile of widely used hypromellose controlled release formulations at half the polymer concentration. The highly reduced polymer concentration achievable with Klucel™ xtend HPC offers the possibility of smaller pills or higher dosage. This new excipient offers unrivaled versatility across a broad range of APIs in every manufacturing process: dry-granulation, wet-granulation, direct compression, and hot-melt extrusion.

The need for hot-melt extrusion (HME) polymers is expected to grow as the pharma industry moves to implement more continuous and sustainable processes. Klucel™ xtend HPC is the only cellulosic excipient that provides a compendial extended-release polymer option for plasticizer-free HME. excipient that provides a compendial extended-release polymer option for plasticizer-free HME. This controlled release matrix former is the new gold standard for extended-release tablets, because it presents an option for easier tablet swallowability or a reduction in the number of tablets required for frequent medication. This will help improve patient compliance with drug regimens at a time when compliance is a major stumbling block for those with chronic disease or other serious illnesses.

To learn more about this innovative product, visit Ashland at the following international exhibitions in October:
• AAPS 2022 PharmSci 360 in Boston, Mass. 17 through 19 October in booth 719 and • CPHI Frankfurt, Germany 1 through 3 November 2022 and in booth 80D81.

Sign up now for our 11 October webinar, Klucel™ xtend HPC: New hydrophilic matrix polymer addresses the limitations of traditional hypromellose polymers.

Ashland’s expertise in controlled release functionality and long acting injectables means patients can take less medicine, fewer times, with less cost, in more comforting and tolerable ways.
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