Challenges and Opportunities in the Chinese Excipient Market

With Transformation of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Accelerated, Chinese Excipient Enterprises to Usher in New Challenges and Opportunities


Photo of 2017 Excipients Zone Crowed with People
2017 Excipients Zone Crowed with People

China Food and Drug Administration issued the “Announcement of the China and Food and Drug Administration on Adjusting Matters Concerning the Review and Approval of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Pharmaceutical Excipients and Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials” (2017 No. 146) on November 30, 2017, which defines the preparation enterprises’ entity responsibilities for the selection of the pharmaceutical excipients, and means that excipient enterprises shall be fully subject to the review of preparation enterprises so as to obtain recognition thereof. The announcement will promote the development and innovation of the excipient enterprises. And there will be full of infinite opportunities for the development of the pharmaceutical excipient market, with the promotion and application of the new products, new dosage forms, and new processes.


Under the new policy, preparation enterprises will have pressing needs for high-quality pharmaceutical excipients, and prompt Chinese pharmaceutical excipient and pharmaceutical packaging material enterprises to make active adjustments, improve product quality, and ensure pharmaceutical product quality and safety. Under such background, the PharmaExcipients China 2018 hosted by UBM EMEA and China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) and co-sponsored by Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (UBM Sinoexpo) will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Centre on June 20-22, 2018 together with CPhI China, where will gather over 100 Chinese and oversea quality pharmaceutical excipient enterprises, to not only help enterprises develop markets of the pharmaceutical, health product, and food fields, etc., but also provide preparation enterprises with a quality trade and exchange platform to choose excipient manufacturers under such market environment.

The zone will be updated to a thematic exhibition for the first time, as considering the infinite potential of the pharmaceutical excipient industry

Photos with shows visitors at CPhi  China
Quality Chinese and Overseas Exhibitors Gathered in 2017 Exhibition

The Excipients Zone has become a professional platform for the annual gathering and exchange of peers of the Chinese excipient industry after 5 years of development since launched by CPhI China in 2013. It will be built into an independent exhibition: “PharmaExcipients China 2018” by the host for the first time in 2018, as the zone continues to expand, and the internationalization degree of exhibitors becomes increasingly higher. Adhering to the idea “gather quality excipients, guarantee pharmaceutical production safety”, the exhibition has attracted the joining of Chinese and overseas high-end excipient enterprises, including Colorcon, JRS, Lubrizol, BASF, Meggle, Kerry, Sunhere Pharmaceutical Excipient, and Huzhou Zhanwang, etc., and depending on the ultra-strong resources of CPhI China on the whole industry chain, has gathered Chinese and overseas high-end pharmaceutical enterprises such as Thermo Fisher, Huahai Pharmaceutical, Hengrui Group, Zhejiang Hisoar, Hisun, and Fosun Pharmaceutical, to play a role in actively promoting the close cooperation between pharmaceutical preparation manufacturers and pharmaceutical excipient enterprises.

On-site high-end conferences and forums will accelerate the transformation and upgrading and innovation of excipient enterprises

2017 Excipient Forum Site at CPhi China
2017 Excipient Forum Site

The host will hold the “Pharmaceutical Excipients Development Forum” in association with the IPEC Association concurrently with the exhibition. The Excipient Forum, one of the annual high-quality forums of CPhI China, witnesses from early heated registration to no empty seats on the exhibition site every year, showing the insiders’ recognition and valuing of it. The host will still invite authoritative Chinese and overseas experts, and insiders in 2018 to discuss the pharmaceutical excipient selection and quality control technical requirements under the related review policy, to feel pulse of the industry and promote development of new preparations and new dosage forms of the industry. And persons in charge of R&D of large pharmaceutical enterprises will bring visitors reason analysis and solutions for compatibility problems of common excipients, and process route design, etc., to promote the development and innovation of the excipient enterprises, to adapt to and meet the individual needs of preparation enterprises.


Please visit the exhibition website: for more information. Exhibition pre-registration has been launched. 


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