Cyclodextrin superstructures for drug delivery

Cyclodextrins, typically known for their molecular encapsulation properties to form inclusion complexes with guests of adequate size and hydrophobicity, have recently been explored in tridimensional supramolecular assemblies. These structures have additional advantages over inclusion complexes: they are able to include guests of larger dimensions, they have a much higher loading capacity for small molecules, and their sustained release profile has an increased duration.

This review presents the most relevant literature examples of supramolecular cyclodextrin drug carrier systems, which include γ-CD coordination frameworks with metal ions such as potassium, sodium or iron, usually denominated as γ-CD-MOFs, and cross-linked γ-CD cubic gel particles. A variety of medicinal molecules was encapsulated in these systems, such as antitumour drugs, anti-septics, anti-inflammatory agents, vitamins and herbal active ingredients.

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Susana Santos Braga, Cyclodextrin superstructures for drug delivery, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 2022, 103650, ISSN 1773-2247,

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