Electrospraying: A facile technology unfolding the chitosan based drug delivery and biomedical applications

Chitosan (CS) a promising biopolymer has been explored for wide biomedical applications using different technologies. Electrospraying is one of the advancing liquid atomization-based techniquesrapidly merging in fields of biomedicine, especially in drug delivery and biomedical applications. Recent studies revealed that wide therapeutics such as antibiotics, anticancer, bioactives (enzymes, growth factors, genes, cells) were successfully loaded and delivered by CS using electrospraying. Apart from the exploration of CS bioactivity in drug delivery, we attempt to brief about the electrospraying technology, parameters regulating final product quality, types of polymers used, advantages, and limitations.


Evolutionary trend of electrospraying technique in drug delivery and biomedical fields.

Scrutiny of process variables, recent advances and trends of electrospraying technique.

Discussion on chitosan applications in drug and bioactive delivery utilizing electrospraying.

Patent prospection of innovative chitosan and chitosan + electrosprayed products.

The scrutiny highlights different conventional to controlled delivery systems fabricated by electrosprayed CS alone or in combination with other co-polymers. Further, the comprehensive addresses the different biomedical applications like wound healing, tissue engineering, coatings for antimicrobial, bone regeneration, as dental coatings, or surface modifications based on electrosprayed CS. In comparison to other methods, CS-based coating by electrospraying technique has helped to achieve desired properties for specific functions moving many processes to product commercialization. Exploration of patents filed and published from the past decade (2009–2020) based on the electrosprayed CS in the drug delivery are listed and the trends are reported. The review is concluded with an insightful outlook and future perspective of electrosprayed CS products for their broad applications, high coherence, and safe fabrication. More on Electrospraying

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