ExciPerience 2021- The complete overview and explanation of the new event for pharmaceutical excipients

What is the ExciPerience?

ExciPerience 2021 was the new virtual event around every aspect of pharmaceutical excipients. ExciPerience covered all areas from basic or advanced research and formulation to manufacturing and regulatory. It was the intersection between all the different perspectives and people in the excipient community. Exciperience gave an exceptional virtual event experience. There were new possibilities for personal interaction and different presentation formats than in other virtual events.

What set the ExciPerience 2021 apart from other events?

At the ExciPerience 2021, exchange between everybody involved was key. To achieve this, there were new communication tools like lobby networking, network carousel and special networking rooms, which will increase the interaction amongst all participants during the event.

Moreover, our participants had access to 20+ high-quality speeches and a new kind of digital exhibitor booth: 

See the exhibitor booth 2021 from our platinum sponsor BIOGRUND here:

Screenshot of the Biogrund Booth at ExciPerience

Be excited – our platform will be the new experience of digital events!


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Have a look at our speeches 2021:


  • Are public private development partnerships the future of R&D? How the partnership model for development in neglected diseases could be the answer – Jennifer Cain Birkmose, Sobi


  • Malaria and paediatric formulation needs with Bahijja Raimi Abraham, Sandra Klein and Jennifer Cain Birkmose
  • What is needed to drive excipient innovation for first class drug products for the future? with  Ajaz S. Hussain

ExciPerience Teaser different speeches MIX

Nanotechnology & Lipids:

  • The Multifaceted Impact of Pharmaceutical Excipients: Fakes, Nanotechnology and Innovation Considerations – Bahijja Raimi-Abraham, King’s College London
  • Lipid nanoparticles: The role of excipients in nucleic acid therapies – Tomaž Einfalt, University of Basel
  • Lipid nanoparticle technology: Paving the way for RNA therapeutics – Dominik Witzigmann, University of British Columbia, NanoMedicines Innovation Network
  • Cannabinoid Nano-Delivery Platforms & Techniques – Tomas Skrinskas, Ascension Sciences
  • What makes lipid excipients so special? A winning strategy to overcome oral bioavailability challenges – Ana Gutierrez, Gattefossé

3D Printing:

  • 3D printing for personalized medicine: Excipients for a Digital Pharmacy Era – Alvaro Goyanes, FabRx, USC, UCL
  • Aprecia 3DP Technology – Combining Precision with Flexibility and Freedom – Tom West, Aprecia


  • Insights and Trends of Film Coatings – Allison Labriola, JRS Pharma
  • Taste Masking (for paediatrics) using Hot Melt Coating – Raphael Janousek, BIOGRUND

Regulatory, QbD 

  • The Importance of Excipient Composition and it’s Impact on Drug Performance – Dave Schoneker, Black Diamond Regulatory Consulting
  • Excipients and Quality by Design in Formulation Design and Development – Chris Moreton, FinnBrit Consulting


  • Functional Related Chemical Profiling (FRCP) of excipients during formulation development – Hans Platteuw
  • Paediatric formulation development: Can we just make everything smaller, or is it more than that? – Sandra Klein, University of Greifswald
  • Reset your chronobiological clock – novel micro pellets formulation to relieve of wake-up difficulties – Dario Dornbierer & Sasch Fritsche, Galventa
  • How to formulate medicine that tastes better? – Larry Walsh, BENEO – galenIQ™
  • How to effectively stabilise release profiles, protect and solubilise pharmaceutical excipients – Pavel Abdulkin
  • Rational Design of Orodispersible Pediatric Formulations – Krizia M. Karry, BASF
  • Immediate release coating for improved patient acceptance at optimized process time and cost: A new ready-to-use solution – Nina Hauschildt

Outlook for the future:

  • What space will excipients occupy in our consciousness in the next decade? – Ajaz Hussain, ValGenesis
  • Panel: What is needed to drive excipient innovation for first class drug products for the future? – Ajaz S.  Hussain & Dave R. Schoneker


Our sponsors for the ExciPerience 2021 were:







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What were the expectations for the ExciPerience?

We see the virtual event ExciPerience as a good chance to meet the right people from our industry. We are looking forward to good networking with visitors, exhibitors and speakers as well as the exchange of industry news and trends. This industry-specific meeting brings together a dedicated audience with a high interest in modern pharmaceutical excipients and knowledge.


Interested in the ExciPerience 

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