Flexible and precise dosing of enalapril maleate for all paediatric age groups utilizing orodispersible minitablets

Enalapril is an off-patent angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor for which no paediatric age-appropriate formulation is commercially available in Europe, and enalapril maleate (EM) orodispersibleminitablets (ODMTs) have previously been formulated within the LENA (labelling enalapril from neonates to adolescents) project. In this study, a dilution method has been developed by dispersing thelowest dose strength ODMTs to enable flexible and precise EM dosing during the dose titration phase of the therapy. Furthermore, the physicochemical stability of the ODMTs has been investigated inchild-friendly beverages and the administration of ODMTs via nasogastric tubes (NGT) of different sizes and materials has been evaluated. The results for the ODMT dilution procedure reveal thatdispersion within an oral syringe is preferred over dispersion in a separate container, leading to flexible and precise dosing down to 0.025 mg EM. Although ODMTs were stable in the beverages overthe investigated time period, dispersion in tap water only is recommended due to prolonged disintegration times within the other beverages. Dispersed ODMTs can be administered through NGTs of CH5.Almost no adsoprtion of EM on silicone, polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride could be observed. The ODMT concept together with the investigated dispersion method enables the safe administration of EMfor all paediatric subpopulations from new-borns to adolescents.

Various apects of orodispersible minitablets including administration regime, disintegration and stability
Enalapril orodispersible minitablets

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