Formulation strategies for solid oral dosage form using 3D printing technology: A mini-review

3D printing: a layer-by-layer process to produce drug products has gained a lot of attention in recent years especially after its first FDA approval due to several advantages offered as an effort for an improved pharmacotherapy. This technology is indeed an old and widely used in other industries; however due to various regulations and complex application, it is yet to flourish in the pharmaceutical industry. Despite this fact, numerous dosage forms have been prepared and reported in the literature using this technology. This review highlights the various formulation strategies available at the disposal of the formulation scientists to manufacture solid oral dosage form with desired drug release profile. Also, it provides a basic understanding of the various 3D printing manufacturing techniques available to manufacture solid oral dosage forms. We have also attempted to summarize the most important practical consideration while formulating the pharmaceutical drug products using this technology.

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overview graphic of different pharmaceutical dosage forms prepared with 3D printing
Dosage Forms prepared by 3D Printing Technology

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