Ideal Cures Launches Two New Film Coating Products INSTACOAT QD and INSTACOAT T2F at the 2nd FDD Conclave


In a joint initiative, Ideal Cures – India’s foremost film-coating and pharmaceutical excipient company – along with Express Pharma, India’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology publication, in their endeavor to recognize and appreciate FR&D scientists conceptualized, initiated and sponsored the Formulation and Drug Delivery Leadership Awards at the Formulation and Drug Delivery (FDD) Conclave 2018. In its second year, FDD Leadership Awards held on 15 June 2018, Hyderabad, saw over 110 formulation scientists come together, to celebrate and recognize the efforts of their colleagues. It was by virtue of quality nominations received that the award ceremony was a grand success. A jury team set up in 2017, assessed and analyzed each application and chose the crème de la crème based on pre-decided criteria. Depending upon an individual’s years of experience, applicants were classified into three categories – Rising Stars, Leaders and Stalwarts. The second edition brought promises of industry leaders working together to better policies and usher in ground-breaking innovations.

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