Interview with Biogrund Founder at CPhI 2019

Biogrund is servicing the pharmaceutical industry for 20 years now with ready-made and tailored film coatings and binders. Hear Hans Respondek, the company founder explaining the companies’ service understanding and philosophy as well as the products of Biogrund.


See the transcript of the video interview:

My name is Hans Respondek. I’m the founder of BIOGRUND. We are this year celebrating our 20th anniversary. We are a company supplying ready-made coatings and binders for the manufacturing of solid dosage forms.

Our desire is to be understood as a servicing company. We listen very carefully to what our customers want, and we give them what they want. They want quality product made by high-quality raw materials, they want service, they want support, and delivery on time. We do not like to promise things which we cannot fulfill. We do not use terms like, we are the biggest or the best or the first or the market leader. We do that what we can. We listen to what the customer wants. We prepare (solutions) together in the development of formulations – in close cooperation with the customer. And finally, we come up with a tailor-made formula where we can supply all kind of permitted colors for fast soluble films or for enteric films, retard forms and whatsoever.

Our binders help customers the same as our coatings to put use quickly, and fast, and reliable. And we believe that this kind of service that we can give to the company is of value for both.

We are here at the show, and we would like to invite you to see us in our tent. And if you cannot make it, you can visit our website,, and you can find all details about our products and our services there.

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