Film coating with reliable protection, flexible film properties and high productivity

AquaPolish® PRO: Film coating with reliable protection, flexible film properties and high productivity

AquaPolish® PRO is an immediate release film coating with moisture barrier effect to prevent solid dosage forms from taking up humidity. For a smooth tablet surface and a cost efficient manufacturing process.

The dry milled powdered compound is a ready-to-use film coating system that provides moisture sealing properties and a highly flexible film on solid oral dosage forms for immediate release profiles.

Beside the protection barrier against water vapour, the film-forming polymer used in the formulation also achieves good taste masking features and guarantees a robust processing. When working with AquaPolish® PRO high solid content suspensions with a high pigment load can be prepared. This accelerates the coating process significantly compared to cellulose based coatings. A process time reduction, which minimize costs, is guaranteed.

Due to low tackiness of films a very smooth tablet surface that facilitates the swallowing of tablets can be achieved. In addition the tablets get an aesthetic look.

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The high elasticity of the film, which has a much higher elongation at break value than cellulose derivatives, prevents film cracking on the tablets. Furthermore, a high logo definition can be obtained.

The low viscosity in water, high solubility and fast dissolution ease the suspension preparation and fasten the spraying process. Also the possibility to use a wide range of process parameters (Inlet/Outlet air, atomizing air, product bed temperature etc.) simplifies the process and make it more comfortable and successfully.

AquaPolish® PRO film coating formulations can be applied in all type of coaters and are developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for pharmaceutical products (Monographs in USP-NF, Ph.Eur & JPE).

This ready-to-use, water-soluble composition can be customized formulated and colored. BIOGRUND guarantees reproducible, high-quality film coating results.


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biogrund - film coating, tabletting and coloring

biogrund - film coating, tabletting and coloring