Novel enzyme formulations for improved pharmacokinetic properties and anti-inflammatory efficacies


Anti-inflammatory enzymes promote the dissolution and excretion of sticky phlegm, clean the wound surface and accelerate drug diffusion to the lesion. They play important roles in treating different types of inflammation and pain. Currently, various formulations of anti-inflammatory enzymes are successfully prepared to improve the enzymatic characteristics, pharmacokinetic properties and anti-inflammatory efficacies. The work was performed by systematically searching all available literature. An overall summary of current research about various anti-inflammatory enzymes and their novel formulations is presented. The original and improved enzymatic characteristics, pharmacokinetic properties, action mechanisms, clinical information, storage and shelf life, treatment efficacies of anti-inflammatory enzymes and their different formulations are summarized. The influencing factors such as enzyme type, source, excipient, pharmaceutical technique, administration route and dosage are analyzed. The combined application of enzymes and other drugs are included in this paper. Anti-inflammatory enzymes were widely applied in treating different types of inflammation and diseases with accompanying edema. Their novel formulations increased enzymatic stabilities, improved pharmacokinetic properties, provided different administration routes, and enhanced anti-inflammatory efficacies of anti-inflammatory enzymes but decreased side effects and toxicity. Novel enzyme formulations improve and expand the usage of anti-inflammatory enzymes.



As described in this paper, anti-inflammatory enzymes play important roles in treating different types of inflammation, pain and diseases related to accompanying edema. However, free enzymes have inherent drawbacks; thus, different formulations are designed and fabricated to increase the enzymatic stabilities, improve pharmacokinetic properties, provide different administration routes, and enhance anti-inflammatory efficacies of anti-inflammatory enzymes, while decreasing side effects and toxicity.

The new frontiers of anti-inflammatory enzyme formulations, including the favorably changed enzymatic characteristics, pharmacokinetic properties, action mechanisms, and treatment efficacies, were evaluated. The combination of anti-inflammatory enzymes and other drugs offer synergistic effects. With the development of modern technology, novel anti-inflammatory enzyme formulations may provide clinicians and pharmacists with more effective measures to cure diseases.


Graphic on relevance of enzymes for inflamation therapy
Overview Anti-Inflammatory enzymes

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