Outsourcing Strategies:The Evolving role of CDMOs

How can CDMOs play a better, more strategic role in the greater pharma supply chain and better serve their customers?


Instead of relying on organic market growth alone to propel revenue and profitability, what can CDMOs do differently? Could Big Pharma and CDMOs consider joint ownership or build and operate new business models? And, as globalisation affects the worldwide CDMO market, what are threats and opportunities, and how do CDMOs develop a sustainable business model in this landscape? Smart CDMOs are thinking about the redistribution of capability portfolios as a core strategy and learning from Big Pharma. Is this a viable route to meeting shareholder value? Having well-thought-out strategies that target more attractive segments and capture market share are more crucial than ever for achieving healthy returns and meeting investor expectations!

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Photo of Panel Participants Outsourcing Strategies at Pharma Integrates 2017
Panel Session on Outsourcing Strategies at Pharma Integrates 2017

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