STYL’One Nano R&D compaction simulator for early-stage material characterization and development

The MEDELPHARM STYL’One Nano is a compact yet powerful compaction simulator designed for early-stage tablet formulation in research and development settings. It provides researchers with a comprehensive solution for addressing formulation challenges encountered during tablet and oral solid dose manufacturing.

Key features of the STYL’One Nano include its ability to accurately characterize powders, conduct various tablet research tasks such as formulation screening and analytical method development, and understand compression behavior of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients, and formulations.

The simulator aids formulation scientists in making informed decisions by providing essential data before the manufacturing phase, thereby supporting a Quality by Design (QbD) methodology. It allows for the detection and analysis of complex tablet defects early on, such as capping, lamination, and inappropriate lubrication.

With its compact design and advanced capabilities, the STYL’One Nano offers force and position control, independent fill height and compression thickness adjustment, and extended dwell times compliant with USP <1062> standards. It replicates the dynamics of rotary tablet presses and provides comprehensive data generation for material characterization (pre-compression force, compression force, ejection force, punch displacement, radial pressure).

Watch the video: STYL’One Nano | R&D benchtop tablet press

Furthermore, the STYL’One Nano is fully software-controlled and integrates MEDELPHARM’s proprietary ALIX data analysis software, enabling researchers to plot recommended profiles and build API and excipient databases. It supports standard tooling and offers a wide range of process options for precise formulation development.

In summary, the MEDELPHARM STYL’One Nano is a versatile and compact benchtop solution that assists researchers in optimizing tablet formulations, conducting early-stage characterization, and addressing formulation challenges efficiently.

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