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Excipients and Drug Delivery

Syloid® silica excipients are the intelligent choice for many pharmaceutical applications due their unique morphology.

The combined adsorption capacity, porosity, particle size, and greater internal surface area allow it to provide several benefits simultaneously that can help minimize the number of excipients required, expedite manufacturing, and improve efficacy of the final dosage form.

Our Syloid® silica gels are widely used within the pharmaceutical industry as excipients and processing aids, and have been for many decades.  They are referenced in the United States’ FDA’s inactive ingredients database and are specifically cited in numerous drug patents due to their unique properties that improve the handling, adsorption, and dissolution of many pharmaceuticals.​

Syloid® FP Silica Excipients

Multifunctional Excipients for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Syloid® XDP Silica Excipients

Silica excipient carriers for transforming liquids to solids

Whitepapers / News


Increasing Drug Solubility with Solid Dispersions of SilSol 6035 Silica Formulated Into Sublingual Tablets
AP024_Silsol Sublingual tablets_Final.pd
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Mesoporous Silica Gel as a Formulation Aid for Moisture Sensitive Drugs and Excipients
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Moisture Activated Dry Granulation (MADG) with Syloid® XDP Silica
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Grace European Facility Receives GMP Excipient Certification for SYLOID® FP Silica Gel
Worms, Germany – May 21, 2015
Worms GMT News Release 5-21-15.pdf
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