1st Pharmaexcipients Poster Award

With this poster award we would like to increase the visibility of all the work put into preparation of posters for the different congresses, share this knowledge and award the 3 best posters. The winners will not chosen by a jury but by you and pharmaexcipients community.


What is in for you?

  • You can win one of the 3 poster prizes from EUR 500, EUR 1.000 and EUR 1.500 for the 1st prize.
  • Your poster is visible during the whole „poster session“ of several months and afterwards if you agree.
  • You have access to the whole pharmaexcipients community
  • You share you knowledge with more people than at a normal event.

 More information & participation


Flyer cover with pharma excipients 1st poster award
Pharma Excipients 1st Poster Award
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