Cold chain logistics – Special field of competence in Glatt’s Pharma Logistic Center


The Glatt pharma logistic center has now established a cold chain logistics organization and infrastructure which is state-of-the-art and which exactly addresses the costumer’s needs.


Temperature ranges


Each temperature range is covered:

  • Cool (2–8°C)
  • Frozen (-25°C)
  • Deep frozen (-80°C) 

The frozen and deep frozen area is flexiblyscalable. In case costumers are looking for room, area and requiredinfrastructure to be equipped with an additional battery of refrigerators and freezers, Glatt will make an appropriate offer.


Products to be kept under 2-8°C onditions are not only stored in cool rooms, if required products with a arketing authorization can be placed in a special area in order to integrate

them into a high-speed commissioning process (“pick-by-voice”).


More Information – see pdf for download – sponsored content


Cold Chain Logistics by Glatt Pharmaceut
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Cold cain pharma logistics


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