Connected Healthcare: Improving Patient Care using Digital Health Technologies

Now more than ever, traditional healthcare models are being overhauled with digital technologies of Healthcare 4.0 being increasingly adopted. Worldwide, digital devices are improving every stage of the patient care pathway. For one, sensors are being used to monitor patient metrics 24/7, permitting swift diagnosis and interventions.

At the treatment stage, 3D printers are currently being investigated for the concept of personalised medicine by allowing patients access to on-demand, customisable therapeutics. Robots are also being explored for treatment, by empowering precision surgery or targeted drug delivery. Within medical logistics, drones are being leveraged to deliver critical treatments to remote areas, collect samples, and even provide emergency aid.

To enable seamless integration within healthcare, the Internet of Things technology is being exploited to form closed-loop systems that remotely communicate with one another. This review outlines the most promising healthcare technologies and devices, their strengths, drawbacks, and scopes for clinical adoption.

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Article information: Atheer Awad, Sarah J Trenfield, Thomas D. Pollard, Jun Jie Ong, Moe Elbadawi, Laura E. McCoubrey, Alvaro Goyanes, Simon Gaisford, Abdul W Basit, Connected Healthcare: Improving Patient Care using Digital Health Technologies, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2021.

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