Customized release profiles using EUDRAGIT® polymers


Functional EUDRAGIT® polymers offer a wide variety of formulation options, which allow formulation design tailored to specific therapeutic requirements or the API characteristics. By combining different polymer types or applying several coating layers, almost every desired release profile can be achieved. The presentation introduces selected examples:

  • Gastro-intestinal targeting by polymer mixtures
  • Enhanced drug release after stomach transit
  • How to mimic OROS® release kinetics through multiparticulates coated with EUDRAGIT ® polymers

Presentation at APGI Workshop on Oral Controlled Release by

Dr. Miriam Robota, Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH


[email protected]


Abstract APGI Conference – Customized release profiles using EUDRAGIT® polymers
2017-06-16_Abstract APGI conference 2017
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How to mimic the release kinetics of an OROS® formulation with EUDRAGIT® polymers
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