Easy Tableting with Natural Disintegrants

Evaluation of a new disintegrant mixture from natural resources


Tablet disintegration is most often required to divide a tablet into suitably small sub-units that facilitate achievement of the desired drug dissolution rate. While semi-synthetic or synthetic super-disintegrants are commonly the materials of choice in the pharmaceutical world, there is a strong demand for options of more natural origin for nutraceutical applications.

Currently only few natural disintegrants are available and these sometimes do not achieve optimum disintegration due to lack of disintegrant action. To provide satisfactory disintegrant action one or more disintegration mechanisms can be facilitated. Swelling and wicking are usually considered the main drivers in tablet disintegration while strain recovery, dissolution mechanisms and the addition of surfactants are also reported to provide some disintegrative action.

Enabling synergistic effects of materials assisting swelling and wicking effects a mixture of natural materials (containing gellan gum, potato fiber, cellulose powder and natural potato starch) was optimized regarding the disintegration of various tablet formulations. The work presented here shows the disintegrant effect of this natural disintegrant mixture (CompactCel® DIS) in comparison to the disintegrant effect of a selection of natural disintegrant materials on their own (two types of starch and two types of cellulose).


All materials were used as supplied by the manufacturers without further conditioning. Materials were obtained from: Porous tribasic calcium phosphate (TCP 500) and a DC grade anhydrous dibasic calcium phosphate (DCPA 150), DC grade microcrystalline cellulose (MCC 200); Magnesiumstearate (Mg-St);  affeine (Caff); coarse crystalline saccharose (Sacc); gellan gum; potato fibre as well as cellulose powder with a D50 of 70μm (CP_2) /; cellulose fine powder with a D50 of 30 μm (CP_1); native potato starch; pregelatinized corn starch. (all manufacturers are mentioned by name on the poster).

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