Pediatric Formulation Development – some of the topics @ EuPFi in September 2017

  • A ‘taster’ session on designing taste-masked oral paediatric formulation prototypes and how to plan their palatability assessment
  • Biopharmaceutics evaluation of food effects in paediatric medicines development for products co-administered with Food
  • 10 years of European paediatric regulation and formulation: any news?
  • Off patent of the radar? Scoping the needs for paediatric formulation of old medicineTaste masking and taste testing
  • Pharmaceutical cocrystals: recent advances, current challenges and unrealised opportunities in paediatric drug formulation
  • The birth of PaedForm: a pan-European Paediatric Formulary by EDQM
  • Administration devices for pediatrics
  • Acceptability and palatability studies in PIPs and MAA
  • Infacort®: A PUMA application success Story
  • Age appropriateness of formulations
  • Success/pitfalls of dispersible tablets in developing countries: lessons learn from PAEDS TB FDC dispersible tablets
  • The gastrointestinal environment in paediatrics: what do we (not) know?
  • Biopharmaceutics evaluation of solid dispersion-based paediatric dosage forms – The new frontier
  • and more

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