Pharmaceutical spray freeze drying

Pharmaceutical spray-freeze drying (SFD) includes a heterogeneous set of technologies with primary applications in apparent solubility enhancement, pulmonary drug delivery, intradermal ballistic administration and delivery of vaccines to the nasal mucosa. The methods comprise of three steps: droplet generation, freezing and sublimation drying, which can be matched to the requirements given by the dosage form and route of administration. The objectives, various methods and physicochemical and pharmacological outcomes have been reviewed with a scope including related fields of science and Technology.


How to spray freeze dry medicinal products

The term “spray-freeze drying” (SFD) refers to processes with the 66 following three steps in common:


  • Dispersion of bulk liquid solutions into droplets,
  • Droplet freezing, and
  • Sublimation drying of the frozen material, which may comprise particles or afilm that can be subsequently pulverised.

Wanning, S., et al., Pharmaceutical spray freeze drying. Int J Pharmaceut (2015)


This research paper gives a great overview on the different aspects of spray freeze drying.
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Graphic which swows the three phases of pharmaceutical spray - freeze - drying and the applications of it
Overview and Applications of Pharmaceutical Spray-Freeze Drying

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