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Kolliwax® HCO





Kolliwax® HCO is hydrogenated castor powder for pharmaceutical application used as consistency factor in topical formulations, as lipohphillic lubricant in tablets and capsules and as plasticizer in solid dispersions using spray drying, melt granulation or hot melt extrusion processes. Kolliwax® HCO is particularily suitable for formulation of sensitive APIs.

Kolliwax® HCO hydrogenated castor oil complies with IPEC GMP standards for critical pharmaceutical applications. It is used as a consistency factor in topical formulations, as alipophillic lubricant in tablets and capsules, and as a plasticizer in solid dispersions using spray drying, melt granulation or hot melt extrusion processes. It ensures risk reduction in pharmaceutical applications and meets all relevant regulatory needs. Kolliwax® HCO commercial packaging includes a transport friendly and secure box with primary electrostatically dissipative PE packaging material.

Why choose Kolliwax® HCO?

  • IPEC GMP compliant and Secure Lined Box Packaging
  • Unique particle size distribution
  • Is particularly suitable for the formulation of sensitive APIs
  • Compatible with several natural vegetable and animal waxes, as well as fatty alcohols to enhance viscosity of topical formulations
  • Suitable as a plasticizer for melt granulation, spray drying, hot melt extrusion
  • Compatible with several APIs, no metallic taste, effective lubricant

Applications of Kolliwax® HCO

Topical formulations: In topical formulations, Kolliwax® HCO can be used as consistency factor to enhance the viscosity of the formulation. The typical concentration at about 0.1-2% hydrogenated castor oil is compatible with most natural vegetable and animal waxes and can therefore be used in combination with fatty alcohols and other consistency factors. Similar to emollients, waxes affect the sensory profile and the stability of a topical formulation. They are solid at ambient temperatures and stabilize emulsions as the viscosity is increased by formation of lamellar structures in oil-in-water formulations. Furthermore Kolliwax® HCO has a special advantage because of its high melting point and is able to support the formulation stability particularly at elevated temperatures.

Lubricant in tablet and capsule formulations: Lubricants prevent ingredients from clumping together and from sticking to the tablet punches or capsule filling machine. Lubricants also ensure that tablet formulations and ejection can occur with low friction. Common minerals like talc or silica, and fats, e.g. vegetable stearin, magnesium stearate or stearic acid, are most frequently used lubricants in tablets or hard gelatin capsules. Lubricants are added in small quantities to tablet or capsule formulations to improve certain processing characteristics. In tablet formulations Kolliwax® HCO can be used as a lubricant as an effective alternative to magnesium stearate. Hydrogenated castor oil is compatible to a large number of actives and does not provide a metallic taste. Kolliwax® HCO is particularly suitable for formulation of sensitive APIs.

Plasticizer in solid dispersions: In solid dispersions, Kolliwax® HCO is used as plasticizer in solid polymeric matrices. It is suitable for melt granulation, spray drying and hot melt extrusion processes.

Additional information




JP, Ph.Eur., USP/NF

Dosage Form

Capsules, Tablets, Topical


Consistency factors & viscosity enhancement, Emulsification, film former, Hot melt extrusion, Lubricant, plasticizer, Pore former, Softgels Coatings, Solubility enhancement, spray drying, wet granulation

Technical Name

Castor oil, hydrogenated




Hydrogenated castor oil, Hydrogenated oil



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