DiCom SANAQ® SP204 – Co-processed excipient suitable for acid sensitive API’s

PHARMATRANS SANAQ offers excipients and active ingredients of outstanding quality and performance. With our research & development skill and tradition, we commit to study innovative technological solutions providing excipients contributing successfully to smart and efficient pharmaceutical formulations. We offer value-added functional solutions to your formulation in solid dosage delivery systems and related technologies.

Here we introduce the product: DiCom SANAQ® SP204


DiCom SANAQ® SP204

Co-processed excipient containing Light Magnesium Oxide suitable for acid sensitive API’s


Pharmatrans-Sanaq-AG_Dicom SP 204
Pharmatrans-Sanaq-AG_Dicom Sanaq SP 204 – SEM picture

Uniform Alkaline protection. Compression at high speed with uniform weight and quality attributes. Enhanced Stability for acid labile APIs. Better product quality, robust tablet with reduced friability.

Main Application

DiCom SANAQ® SP 204 is especially tailored to help formulation development of moisture sensitive APIs and for formulations where alkaline conditions need to be controlled for stability purpose. SANAQ® SP204 is microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) based co-processed excipient along with diluent, desiccant, disintegrant and alkaline stabilizer.

Flow properties

Exellent and superior flow properties compared to simple physical blend on all the key parameters such as bulk density, repose angle, Hausner ratio and Carr index.


DiCom SANAQ® SP 204 has an average PSD of 300 – 600 microns.


Pharmatrans-Sanaq-AG_Dicom Sanaq AG chemical name
Pharmatrans-Sanaq-AG_Dicom Sanaq AG chemical name


DiCom SANAQ® SP 204 offers uniform alkaline protection from all sides and high-speed compaction with consistent weight and quality characteristics. It offers improved stability for acid-labile APIs, better product quality and more robust tablets with reduced friability. DiCom SANAQ® SP 204 reduces damage from indirect contact and offers protection from other adjuvants in combination. Another advantage is that no special coating of the tools is required.


Highlights DiCom SANAQ® SP 204


  • Large Surface area of Light Magnesium Oxide gives enhanced protection / stability to acid labile APIs from a 360° alkaline microenvironment.
  • Handling and processing with Light Magnesium Oxide is challenging, DICOM SANAQ-DC SP204 designed in a way for easy handling and maximum protection.
  • Light magnesium oxide is very fluffy and difficult to process directly.
  • Improper die filling. Segregation tendency leads to weight variation / non-uniform alkaline microenvironment / unstable formulation.


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Pharmatrans-Sanaq-AG_DiCom Sanaq SP204




Source: Pharmatrans Sanaq AG brochure “DiCom SANAQ® SP204″

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Specifications DiCom SANAQ®
Specifications DiCom SANAQ®

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