Formulation of oily plant extracts using a filler-binder

Oily plant extracts are difficult to formulate into a tablet.

Isomalt is a filler-binder that helps to make this process easier and has also very good effects on palatability.
See the positive effects of using isomalt in your formulation in the following video:

galenIQTM 721 as a filler-binder for oily plant extracts


galenIQTM 721

Preferred application

  • Slow to very fast disintegrating tablets
  • Chewable tablets, any kind of other tablets (also plant extracts and probiotics)
  • Dry suspensions (for Sachet and capsule fillings)


  • High agglomerate stability and excellent flow
  • Morphology ensures homogeneity of the mix and content uniformity
  • Very low compression forces required
  • Filler and binder function – additional binders in general not required
  • Low and high dosage formulations

Material properties

  • Solubility 42 g/100 g solution at 20°C water
  • Bulk density: 0,40 g/cm³
  • Very low hygroscopic
  • Chemically extremely stable
  • Pleasant sugar-like, natural taste profile
  • Non-animal origin, sugar-free, tooth-friendly, suitable for diabetics

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