Dow Pharma Solutions – AAPS Posters

Dow Pharma Solutions demonstrated its commitment to advancing the pharmaceutical sciences by exhibiting research findings in a range of posters at the 2017 AAPS show in San Diego, CA. Please find below links to copies of our presented posters.


·        Evaluation of AFFINISOL™  HPMCAS HP Polymers in Hot Melt Extrusion Applications

·        Impact of non-binder ingredients and molecular weight of polymer binders on heat assisted twin-screw dry granulation

·        Metformin: A Competitive Analysis using Biorelevant Dissolution, FloVitro™ Technology

·        Versatility Study of FloVitro™ Technology: Biorelevant Dissolution for Pharmaceutical Development

·        Statistical Evaluation of Modeling Approaches of Drug Release Profiles for HPMC Matrix Tablets

·        Direct Compression of HPMC Matrix Tablets Containing Metformin HCl Materials with Different Particle Size Distributions

·        Evaluation of Particle Morphology and Concentration of Acetaminophen, a Poorly Compactable Drug, in a Direct Compression Matrix Tablet Formulation

·        Flowability Evaluation of Formulations Involving METHOCEL™

·        Formulation Design Utilizing API and Excipient Polymer Properties to Predict Tablet Dissolution Performance

·        Tablet Compression Optimization and Excipient Polymer Design for High-Productivity Mini-Tab Production

·        The Role of HPMC Morphology in Transitioning from Wet Granulation to Direct Compression

·        Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Oxide for use in Abuse Deterrence Formulations

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