Limited Influence of Excipients in Extemporaneous Compounded Suspensions

Objective: The objective of this study was to identify whether compounding oral suspensions with SyrSpend SF based on tablets or capsules is a suitable alternative for using raw pharmaceutical materials. Methods: Suspensions based on 5 different tablets and capsules were studied in SyrSpend SF. The summary of product characteristics of these different tablets and capsules were obtained from the manufacturer. Our hypothesis was that, if the maximum beyond-use date of the study was reached, the excipient did not seem to have an influence on the stability of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) within the studied time frame. Results: All excipients used in flecainide acetate, labetalol HCl, and tiagabine HCl tablets as well as in celecoxib and oseltamivir capsules did not seem to influence the beyond-use date of the overall suspension based on SyrSpend SF. Conclusion: Although using raw materials as API sources is preferred, oral suspensions with SyrSpend SF prepared from crushed tablets or opened capsules could be a possible alternative. Based on this study, a wide range of different excipients does not seem to impact the beyond-use date of different APIs compounded in SyrSpend SF.

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Eli Dijkers1, Valerie Nanhekhan1, Astrid Thorissen1, Diego Marro2, Marta Uriel2
1Fagron, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2Universidad San Jorge, Villanueva de Gállego Zaragoza, Spain
Limited Influence of Excipients in Extem
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