Media Partnership APV and Pharma Excipients

APV and Pharma Excipients have agreed on a media partnership, starting 1st of July 2021.

APV is the independent, international and interdisciplinary scientific organisation focusing on pharmaceutical technology and industrial pharmacy.

Pharma Excipients will inform on upcoming APV events and will also cover events like PBP World Meeting and European Conference on Pharmaceutics in which the APV is one of the main organizers with editorial articles and reports in various formats.

Both parties agreed on the media partnership as Pharma Excipients strongly supports the mission of the APV “ to deepen the understanding in scientific research and practical knowledge in the areas of development, manufacturing, analysis, quality assurance, distribution and use of pharmaceuticals as well as medical devices and to educating all relevant professionals in order to provide effective and save health products for patient care now and in future.”

Find the dedicated overview page for the APV with the newest information at Pharma Excipients here

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