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Better performance with Pharma MMC amorphous drug formulations offerings

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Pharma MMC

Pharma grade mesoporous magnesium carbonate (Pharma MMC) is a patented, safe and soluble drug delivery system that can be used to stabilize poorly soluble drugs in an amorphous state with beneficial oral absorption properties. Further, the controlled particle size of the drug loaded Pharma MMC ensures excellent flowability and downstream processing properties.


Pharma MCC

Superior performance

Drug Product offering exemplified

Sorafenib loaded onto Pharma MMC in an amorphous state exhibit faster release and absorption leading to better bioavailability compared to NEXAVAR® (commercial Rx).

In vitro (example)

In vitro (example)


  • Fast dissolution leading to supersaturation from all tested formulations
  • Higher and slightly stabilized supersaturation for prototype formulation
  • Recent MMC development: Further improved of dissolution profile and Cmax

In vivo (example)

In vivo (example)



The Pharma MMC sorafenib formulation (MMC-SOR) results in >500% in vivo PK AUC compared to NEXAVAR® .

Key takeaways

Compared to other mesoporous drug delivery technologies Pharma MMC offers an attractive combination of

  • High drug load: 25-35% (potentially higher)
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Long term amorphous stability
  • Superior flowability (good-excellent)
  • No residual MMC after delivery of drug
  • Rapid instant / modified release


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