New pharmaceutical dosage forms used in the treatment of breast cancer. Polymeric micelles

Among all types of cancer encountered in women, breast cancer is the most prevalent, with the highest mortality rate. An increased survival rate is closely related to early diagnosis, the use of high performing screening methods and of selective and adequate treatments. By using the nanotechnologies, the therapeutic effectiveness of the drugs may be improved by a controlled release of the active substances to the tumoral site. The aim of this review is to present the current state of knowledge and to mention the new treatment trends in breast cancer, focusing on a pharmaceutical form that, thanks to its advantages, is already used in the therapy of this disease – the polymeric micelles. Several examples of anticancer agents loaded polymeric micelles are mentioned, illustrating the preparation methods and the current state of clinical studies in which polymeric micelles are used.

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Alexandu Oprita, Ani-Simona Sevastre
Medico Oncology (2020) VOL:1, Number 1

Keywords: breast cancer, pharmaceutical dosage form, nanomedicines, polymeric micelles
Used excipients: Polyamino acids, Lipids, PVP, Chitosan, PEG , Vitamin E TPGS

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