SheffCoat™ TF – The new ready-to-use film coating system without the need for Titanium Dioxide from Kerry

At Kerry, we recognize the need to continually evolve our film coatings to ensure we meet our customer needs who require market appeal, as well as for ease of regulatory compliance. Introducing SheffCoatTF.

In the global dietary supplement market, consumer demands for cleaner labels continues to drive the development of new and innovative products. Additionally, regulatory agencies are also increasingly active in ensuring the safety of food additives used in our daily lives. These two factors have put Titanium Dioxide in the spotlight, as safety concerns of this well-known food additive, continue to be at the forefront. As this ingredient comes under increased consumer and regulatory scrutiny as an additive in food products, it has created a need for a film coating that is free from Titanium Dioxide, for use in dietary & nutritional supplements, as well as pharmaceutical tablets.

Sheffcoat TF tablets vs white tabletsSheffCoat™ TF is Kerry’s new TiO2 free coating system. It has been developed to match the pleasing aesthetics of a white or colored tablet, that is normally associated with TiO2 based film coatings. SheffCoat™ TF has been specifically designed to be applied using conventional mixing and film coating equipment, with minimal changes to typical process conditions and film coat weights. It can be used as a traditional white coating, or customized with synthetic or naturally derived pigments, to create visually appealing colored tablets, without the need for Titanium Dioxide. SheffCoat™ TF is supplied as ready-to-use powder that is designed to be dispersed in water, using typical mixing times.

All of the components used in SheffCoat™ TF are in compliance for use in dietary & nutritional supplements, as well as pharmaceutical products, in most major markets. However, Kerry’s global Regulatory Affairs is available to provide regulatory support at no charge, to ensure your product is in full compliance for its intended use and markets, when formulated with SheffCoat™ TF.

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