Evaluation of the application of cashew gum as an excipient to produce tablets

Cashew gum is extracted from the exudate of the giant cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale L.). The objective of this work was to study the extraction and purification of cashew gum through experiments to characterize its structures and physicochemical and thermal properties, and to evaluate its use as a pharmaceutical excipient. The characterization of the materials was performed by infrared spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis and rheological studies of powder. Analysis of the material showed that it has reasonable flow characteristics and compressibility, allowing the use as diluent of tablets.

Two photos showing cashew gum and pressed tablets out of it
Tablets of purified cashew gum



Tablets were produced with a cashew gum isolated and purified by the direct compression method, and it was shown that the tablets produced with the purified cashew gum obtained better mechanical properties (hardness and friability) and less disintegration time than tablets made with gum of cashew isolated, suggesting the use of purified cashew gum as a diluent for this type of pharmaceutical form.

Download article: 0104-1428-po-28-4-302.pdf

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