Liquisolid Pellets and Liqui-Pellets Are Not Different

Our research group has pioneered the development of liquisolid pellets as a new drug delivery system targeting at the improvement of the dissolution rates of poorly water-soluble drugs, combining the technological and biopharmaceutical advantages of both multiparticulate and liquisolid systems. Recently, Lam and collaborators claimed the invention of “liqui-pellets” as “the emerging next-generation oral dosage form which stems from liquisolid concept in combination with pelletization technology”.

However, the concept of liqui-pellet is not novel. As we demonstrate in this commentary, liqui-pellets are the same type of preparation as our previously and extensively reported liquisolid pellets. Liquisolid pellets have been disclosed in a patent application and public peer-reviewed articles covering the concept, preparation and challenges associated with these systems. There are no technical differences that justify excluding our previous reports as the first reports on liquisolid pellets or liqui-pellets. This commentary highlights the similarities between liquisolid pellets and liqui-pellets, focusing on the anteriority of liquisolid pellets as disclosed by our group. More on liquisolid pellets

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