PVA in Sustained Release Matrix Tablets – Wet Granulated vs Direct Compression – Poster

Polymer-based long-acting matrix tablets are often used to ensure patient compli- ance and API efficacy of orally applied drugs. Increasingly, polyvinyl alcohols (PVAs) are used as hydrophilic, swellable and erodible matrices in such sustained release (SR) tablets, as they show a prolonged API release and are directly compressible for easy formulation.

However, in special cases, formulators prefer wet granulation – mainly to improve the compressibility of poorly compressible powders, to ensure API content uniformity and to modulate drug release profiles. The aim of this study was to investigate the workability of a PVA-based SR matrix formulation in wet granulation processes and to compare the compression and API release properties to those of tablets produced by direct compression (DC). Click on picture to download the poster as pdf

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