PEARLITOL® CR-H by Roquette


PEARLITOL® CR-H_chemical structure
PEARLITOL® CR-H_chemical structure

Roquette´s new, industry-first mannitol and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) blend, designed for controlled release drug formulation. Leave behind wet granulation, lengthy drying times and limited flowability and unlock the potential of direct compression to create dosage forms that put patient needs first.

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PEARLITOL® CR-H co-processed mannitol hydroxypropyl methylcellulose provides excipient functional properties of binder as well as controlled release to your tablets. It is a compound of mannitol and HPMC adapted to direct compression formulation.

PEARLITOL® CR-H can be used in oral tablet form in both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical application requirement controlled properties.


PEARLITOL® CR-H_water tablet


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Pearlitol CR_H - potential
Pearlitol CR_H potential

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PEARLITOL® CR-H Co-processed Mannitol-HPMC_data

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