Approaches of 3D printing in current drug delivery

Three-dimensional printing (3DP) is predicted to be one of the most progressive innovations within the pharmacy. Nowadays, the use of 3D printing technologies in drug delivery systems has exponentially expanded, due to its potential advantages over customizing drugs in individually adjusted doses. 3DP empowers the precise deposition of medicaments and excipients, which might cause a change in perspective in drug configuration, production, and use.

It can span the medication improvement measure, from the preclinical turn of events and clinical preliminaries to frontline medical care. Though 3DP technology represents the clinical and financial advantages, some specialized and administrative challenges limit its utilization of pharmaceutical products. Accordingly, there’s a prerequisite for constant development and refinement in 3DP methods to beat current limits and work with patients’ particular medical services with the utilization of customized drugs in the future.

This article presents a few 3DP technologies appropriate for drug fabrications with their applications in the improvement of the drug dose structures, demonstrating the feasibility of this innovation in regular commercial production with regulatory assessment.

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Article information: Snehamayee Mohapatra, Rajat Kumar Kar, Prasanta Kumar Biswal, Sabitri Bindhani, Approaches of 3D printing in current drug delivery, Sensors International, Volume 3, 2022, 100146, ISSN 2666-3511,

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