Your visit at CPhI worldwide Frankfurt – Our Tips and Hints

Hey CPhI-Visitor! Have you ever been at a big german trade fair like this one? Maybe you’re a pharma professional and this is your X visit, nevertheless have a look, there are many news for you, also!

Many people mistake the size and opportunities at the fairs. With this article we want to give you a little help and information about how to effectively attend these events!

Have a look at our recommendations:

1st Advice: Be aware of the sheer Size of some major German Shows like CPhI

2nd Advice: Find out which Event best suits your Needs (you already chose ?)

3rd Advice: Make sure you stay long enough and get Access to the Show

4th Advice: Be clear about what you want to achieve and act accordingly

5th Advice: Draft a Trade Show Battle Plan

6th Advice: What to consider in Regards to Trade Show Meetings

7th Advice: What other Things you should consider; like what to wear, where to stay, what Souvenirs to bring…

Source: Andra Riemhofer, My Top 7 Pieces of Advice for Visiting German Trade Shows


Let’s have a more in depth look at a few points:

1st Advice: Be aware of the sheer Size of some major German Shows

The exhibition grounds in Germany are very large, actually four of the world’s eight biggest exhibition venues are in Germany – Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Hanover. The overwhelming share of 2/3 of the worlds most important fairs are held in Germany. There are more than 25 venues with at least 2.8 million square meters (roughly 30 million square feet).

The CPhI 2019 in Frankfurt has over 2.500 exhibitors and 36.000 visitors from more than 150 countries! Therefore, never underestimate the walking distances at the fairs, it can be quite exhausting over the day. Also there can be queues, especially at the beginning on the first day.

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4th Advice: Be clear about what you want to achieve and act accordingly

To improve your attendance, go in advance through the exhibitor database and make yourself a list of companies and fair stands you want to visit. We will help you with our excipient company suggestions! To have a full and satisfying experience you have to know what you want to achieve. Is your main goal networking, buying, selling or identifying new trends? Think about your intentions for the fair! This saves you precious time (and nerves).

Also: Don’t leave applying for your visa to the last minute (Hopefully already done ?); remember that the trade fair organiser will also need time to issue your invitation letter or any other needed document; make sure you keep yourself informed regarding these requirements.


5th Advice: Draft a Trade Show Battle Plan

To have an overview, have a look at the exhibition floor plan! For further research, you can observe the exhibitor list at the fair website along with detailed search criteria that reflect the industry as well as the search parameters that you might use.

No matter how well prepared you are when you arrive at a show, always grab a hall plan or one of the handy trade show guides, if offered for free at the entrance. If you cannot find the plans, ask for them at the information desks which you will find in the halls.

The most important Hall for Pharma Excipients is the excipients Hall 10 with floor 2 and 1! (click to enlarge)

floor plan of hall 10.2 at CPhI 2019 frankfurt
Floor Plan Excipients Hall 10.2




Beside this, you find our CPhI excipient partners at following stand:





You find our general Partners here:

BASF – 80K40

Budenheim – 102C80

Dow Pharma Solutions – 102B111

Grace – 101C30

JRS Pharma – 102B40

Kerry – 102B86

Merck – 80N40

PMC Isochem – 101C51

Seppic – 102C30