galenIQ™ – Ask the expert! – Webinar recording

We had a webinar with the experts from BENEO to find out more on galenIQ™. See here some answers to the questions asked from participants of the webinar and have a look at the full webinar recording. 

galenIQ™ is a soluble filler and binder that can be used to meet many of the current trends and challenges of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. galenIQ™ is a plant-based excipient which is characterized by its ease of use and applicability to a wide range of solid and liquid dosage forms such as tablets, sachets, lozenges and syrups. It is manufactured under cGMP conditions according to IPEC-PQG requirements for pharmaceutical excipients and complies with the current Ph. Eur., BP, USP-NF and JP monographs for Isomalt.

galenIQTM is known for its outstanding taste properties and makes medicine taste great.

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Have a look at a selection of the webinar Q+A here:

 “What is the maximum daily intake of galenIQ?”

Q2: “Which disintegrant is recommended for fast release tablets based on galenIQ?”

Q3: “Can we substitute mannitol in tablets with galenIQ without negative impact on the stability?”



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