Nanoemulsion for delivery of anticancer drugs

Cancer refers to a collection of diseases that have abnormal cell growth as their hallmark. This inability of cytotoxic agents to distinguish between rapidly dividing healthy cells andrapidly multiplying cancerous cells produces the most notorious adverse effects of cytotoxicanticancer agents. As an essential tool in nanotechnology, nanoemulsions have therapeuticand clinical applications. Currently, nanoemulsions are considered to be one of the most feasible nano-carriers for delivering lipophilic antineoplastic agents with targeted delivery. In addition to solving water-solubilization issues, these formulations deliver specifictargeting to cancer cells and might even be developed to overcome multi-drug resistance. Nanoemulsions overcome the problems associated with conventional drug delivery systems, such as low bioavailability and noncompliance. A review of nanoemulsion incancertherapeutics is presented here to shed light on the current position of this technology.

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Excipients mentioned in the review paper besides other: Capryol 90, Tween 20, Soybean oil

Kumar V, Garg V, Dureja H. Nanoemulsion for delivery of anticancer drugs. Cancer Adv. 2022;5:e22016. doi: 10.53388/2022522016.

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