Pfanstiehl Inc, USA- Helping accelerate COVID19 research to develop Vaccine, Diagnosis and Cure

Pfanstiehl (IL, USA) is a global leader in developing High Pure/Low Endotoxin Viral Vector, Protein and Vaccine stabilizers ( eg. HPLE-Trehalose, Sucrose, Histidine, Arginine ,Mannitol, Sodium Succinate etc.) that are used in producing many human vaccines and diagnostics worldwide.

As the global scientific community is actively working on this COVID19 pandemic infectious disease, they would like to extend their support in your efforts to accelerate research on COVID19 for possible cure & Vaccine.

They have prepared a vaccine stabilizer kit that contains High Pure/Low Endotoxin vaccine stabilizers ranging from Sucrose, Trehalose, Mannitol, L-Arginine , L-Histidine and Sodium Succinate. They would like to send this sample kit for your immediate research purpose in the pursuit of developing COVID19 diagnostic Kit & Vaccine.

Looking forward for your acknowledgement for sending out this sample kit. We have attached few published articles supporting High Pure TREHALSOE and its beneficial effects in developing molecular diagnostics and in developing Viral Vectors.

See additional research paper  and this one also

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