Nagase Viita launches SOLBIOTE (TM), a new brand of injectable-grade saccharide excipients for biopharmaceuticals

Nagase Viita Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimoishii, Kita-ku, Okayama; Representative Director: Naoki Yasuba), a member of the NAGASE Group, has launched a new product brand, SOLBIOTETM, featuring their saccharide-based pharmaceutical excipients of high-purity and low-endotoxin TREHALOSE SG and MALTOSE PH.

SOLBIOTETM portfolio is, according to Nagase Viita,  an excellent protein stabilizer, protecting cells, nucleotides, and exosomes from various damage caused by stressors such as drying, freezing, and thawing. It preserves the quality of antibody therapeutics, vaccines, and other biopharmaceuticals, which are inherently unstable during manufacturing, storage, and distribution, requiring adequate cold-chain management.

SOLBIOTE (TM) by Nagase Viita

Nagase Viita has a long history of harnessing the power of nature and an expertise in biotechnology, which led them to be the first to successfully mass produce trehalose utilizing starch and enzymes. They are committed to providing a stable supply of safe, high-quality excipients through their integrated manufacturing from saccharide production to refining.

Nagase Viita will further pursue the development of new saccharide excipients for their SOLBIOTETM portfolio and its advanced pharmaceutical applications, bringing pharmaceutical solutions for universal health.

SOLBIOTETM portfolio


The name SOLBIOTETM comes from “Sol + Bio”, developed by Nagase Viita’s Biotechnology and starch, a gift from the sun (Sol meaning the sun in Latin), providing Solutions to Biopharmaceuticals.


Read also the full brochure onEquitable Well-Being” by Nagase Viita here:

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Equitable Well-Being

Source: Nagase Viita, brochure “Equitable Well-Being”

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