Innovate in bi-gel with Emulfree® Duo

Discover Gattefossé’s brand new excipient Emulfree® Duo, a ready-to-use stabilizing agent, enabler of bi-gel, an emerging topical dosage form.

Bi-gels consist of an intimate mixture of aqueous and oily gels. Thanks to their dual nature, they are associated with better drug absorption through the skin, and they are suitable for lipophilic and hydrophilic drugs. They are also offering cooling and moisturizing effect as well as improved spreadability.

Emulfree® Duo is a ready-to-use PEG-free system. It has been designed to stabilize the oil phase within the bi-gel, by ensuring fine and homogeneous dispersion in the aqueous phase. With Emulfree® Duo the whole process can be carried out at room temperature, which is ideal for thermo sensitive drugs. This excipient is compatible with a wide range of oils, solvents and penetration enhancers, and enables the formulation of a wide range of textures, from light lotions to rich creams, depending on the overall formulation.

With Emulfree® Duo, bi-gel preparation is very straightforward:

  • Step 1: prepare the aqueous gel
  • Step 2: prepare the oily phase
  • Step 3: mix both phases
Innovate in bi-gel with Emulfree® Duo
Innovate in bi-gel with Emulfree® Duo

Emulfree® Duo under microscope

With this manufacturing process, the dispersions obtained are fine and homogenous ensuring product stability.

Placebo formulations and case studies with model drugs are available in our brochure to inspire your developments with Emulfree® Duo.

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