Calcium Carbonate as Functional Filler in Polyamide 12 – Manipulation of the Thermal and Mechanical Properties

Adjusting the thermal response properties of a polymeric compound can significantly improve the usability in a selective laser-sintering process. As previously shown, combining a precise amount of coarse and narrow size distribution fine calcium carbonate fillers results in a potential optimization of the thermal properties of a polyamide 12 matrix.

Additionally, up to 60% of the normally associated lost ductility can be re-gained by surface modification, thus functionalizing the filler. To optimize the functionality further this study combines a precisely defined particle size ratio of fillers adopting a specially selected surface modification using amino hexanoic acid. Morphology of the carbonate filler was also investigated. The range of effect of each parameter on the thermal response and mechanical properties was studied.

The results show that the thermal properties have large potential to be optimized, without reducing the ductility significantly, by adjusting the morphology and size ratio of coarse and fine filler particles. The compound properties were demonstrated using a twin-screw extruder, indicating the potential for producing a preparate composite for additive manufacturing.

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Article information: Ippolito, F.; Hübner, G.; Claypole, T.; Gane, P. Calcium Carbonate as Functional Filler in Polyamide 12-Manipulation of the Thermal and Mechanical Properties. Processes 20219, 937.

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