CPHI Barcelona 2023 – with a focus on excipients

This year CPHI Europe opens its doors in Barcelona at Fira Barcelona Gran Via.
From 24th to 26th October you can have a face-to-face chat with visitors and exhibitors again. As usual, InnoPack,
P-MEC, FDF, ICSE and BioProduction will be held together with CPHI.

Pharma Excipients gives you an overview of the excipient suppliers, their booths, main topics and products in the following:

You can find the excipient manufacturers mainly in halls 4 and 5 this year. 

ADM provides high quality solutions to pharma industry, compliant with relevant regulations. ADM will highlight their pharma grade specialty oils & Carbohydrate solutions, as well as pre, pro, post biotics and functional botanicals, flavors and colors to give their customers an edge.


📍 Booth: 4J40, zone Integrated Pharma

ARMOR PHARMA manufactures and markets 3 ranges of pharmaceutical grade lactose for all your applications. The new pharma-lactose plant is based on more than 40 years of manufacturing experience serving the infant formula market with high quality lactose.

📍 Booth: 5D19, zone Excipients

Ashland offers the broadest selection of ingredients to compose effective pharmaceutical excipients. They are widening the portfolio of cellulose-based polymers (HPMC, HPC, CMC, HEC), growing the excipient portfolio for injectables/biologics, including the possibility for customization and focusing on film coatings.

The Ashland experts will be on hand to discuss the industry’s most complete portfolio of controlled release products for any and all release profiles, other excipient dosage forms, and additional products for the parenteral segment, such as cyclodextrins and high purity Vialose™ trehalose dihydrate, a functional ingredient used to protect and stabilize proteins for biologic medicines.

And they will be featuring recent additions to their portfolio:

At CPHI Ashland will introduce:


📍 Booth: 5J10, zone Excipients

Asahi Kasei Pharma is a subsidiary of the larger Asahi Kasei Corporation, specializing in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. Founded on a commitment to improving human health and well-being, Asahi Kasei Pharma engages in the research, development, and production of innovative pharmaceuticals and healthcare solutions. Asahi Kasei Pharma provides a range of pharmaceuticals and other health care-related products.

Asahi Kasei will launch its new MCC (CeolusTM) production plant in Japan shortly to secure stable supply. It is providing high functional MCC grades (CeolusTM and CelphereTM). MCC CeolusTM demonstrates a very low level of nitrite and nitrate because of our MCC manufacturing process features.

📍 Booth: 4D20, zone Excipients

BENEO produces galenIQ™. galenIQ™ is a water-soluble multi-functional bulk pharmaceutical excipient. galenIQ™ can enhance the palatability of medicine. It can be applied as a filler-binder and also as a coating. At the CPhI 2023 the main focus for Beneo will be galenIQ™ 900 and its ideal functionality for the production of medicated high boiled lozenges. See the galenIQ™ 900 article for the CPhI 2023 to inform yourself about this great excipient in advance.


📍 Booth: 4E20,
zone Excipients

BIOGRUND supports the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industry in the development, formulation and production of solid oral dosage forms. BIOGRUND focuses on formulations for film coating, tableting and coloring premixes, that meet future market requirements. E. g. ready-to-use film coating systems free of titanium dioxide – for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. Or alternative tableting premixes free of magnesium stearate. They also inform about their reformulation service, where undesirable ingredients within a formulation are replaced and adapted to the customer’s requirements. Or the dosage form itself is reformulated, e.g. from capsule to tablet. Visitors will also have the opportunity to talk to co-exhibitors Charles Ischi AG (OSD-Technologies) and HWI Group. Ischi demonstrates two quality testing machines for oral solid dosages (Disintegration tester and a semi-automatic tablet tester).


📍Booth: 5D28, zone Excipients

Budenheim is dedicated to providing the pharmaceutical market with high quality phosphate based excipients for oral solid dosage form, selected Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and products used for various biopharmaceutical applications. In addition to these specialized products of consistently high quality available in all regions of the world, we offer an excellent technical support to address the needs and challenges of our customers.
We make pharmaceuticals better and safer – this is what we are striving for.

Budenheim at CPhI 2023 Barcelona

📍 Booth: 4G29, zone Excipients

Croda Europe Limited is a leading partner for the development of excipients and the supply of high purity materials for pharmaceutical formulations. The company is focused on empowering biologics drug delivery, through its adjuvant systems, small molecule, protein, and nucleic acid delivery platforms. With a wide range of solutions for both human and animal health markets, the pharmaceutical portfolio is unsurpassed in its.

Croda welcomes you to discover their offerings at the CPhI 2023:

  • Explore Croda’s drug delivery platforms
  • Super Refined™ excipient demos
  • Meet the Croda Pharma leadership team
  • Get to know your local sales representative.

Croda’s experts will be on hand to discuss your formulation challenges and presenting on how they are enabling next generation drug delivery. Hear about their:

  • High purity excipients and solutions
  • Adjuvant Systems
  • Innovative lipids
  • Nucleic Acid Delivery solutions.
Croda CPhI
Croda CPhI

📍 Booth: 4B29, zone Excipients

Daicel Lifesciences established the chiral chromatography industry nearly 40 years ago and continues to lead the industry with new technologies and products. Daicel Lifesciences will showcase on its products and technology on orally disintegrating tablets: co-processed excipients,  GRANFILLER-D® and HiSORAD®, along with the ultra-rapid orally disintegrating technology, VELOXTAR®. The main focus for Daicel at the CPhI 2023 will be its new product VELOXTAR®, since it will showcase for the first time in the EU.


📍Booth: 4G10, zone Excipients

Evonik is one of the world’s leading CDMOs for advanced drug delivery. They have an integrated portfolio of functional excipients, technologies and services for the formulation development, process scale-up and cGMP manufacturing of complex oral and parenteral drug products.

📍 Booth: 3M60, zone Contract Manufacturing and Services

Fuji Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Drug Products, Excipients and Natural Astaxanthin. Our specialized contract manufacturing offers API synthesis and formulation of solid dispersion with our spray drying technology. Fuji also offers unique excipient chemistries ranging from stand-alone to co-processed excipients specially engineered to troubleshoot oral formulations. These include Neusilin, Fujicalin, F-MELT sustainably engineered to suit different dosage forms. Keeping abreast with the regulatory paradigm shift, Fuji invites you to mitigate nitrosamine risks with our low nitrate and nitrite tested Fujicalin!

📍 Booth: 4H15, zone Excipients

Gattefossé develops and manufactures pharmaceutical excipients for the health industries. Gattefossé offers to the pharmaceutical industry innovative lipid excipients for oral solubilization, bioavailability enhancement, sustained release, lubrication, and taste-masking. We provide penetration enhancers and emulsifiers for improved topical formulations. As part of Gattefossé offer, technical support is provided by fully trained experts to accelerate customers’ development programs thanks to our 4 Technical Centers of Excellence in France, China, India and the USA. Environmental and social issues have always been part of our culture. Today, Gattefossé relies on a purposeful CSR approach to build its innovation strategy.

“Gattefossé is committed to contributing to One Health, by accompanying its customers in the development of safe and efficient medicines, from the early stages of development to the market. We provide the pharmaceutical industry with innovative excipients for all routes of administration, serving the human health, but also for the animal health and dietary supplements market.”

📍 Booth: 5E20, zone Excipients

IFF’s Pharma Solutions division brings the power of leading excipient products for the pharmaceutical industry to CPHI 2023 in Barcelona. At the show, IFF will present its Avicel® PH LN portfolio – a robust low nitrite microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) that lowers the risk of nitrosamine formation in finished drug products, catering to the needs of pharmaceutical customers seeking excipients to support their nitrosamine risk mitigation plans.

Visitors to the booth can also learn more about IFF’s METHOCEL™ family of water-soluble cellulose ethers.

In addition, IFF will be launching METHONOVA™, a cell-compatible and filterable methylcellulose for the biotechnology industries. METHONOVA™ is suitable for use in cell culture media – enabling cell therapies for many advanced diseases – and 3D bioprinting, allowing for example, in-vitro drug testing models or 3D cell cultures.

Read the full press article of IFF about their presence at the CPhI 2023 to get informed in advance.


📍 Booth: 4A10, zone Excipients

JRS Pharma is a leading manufacturer of excipients, offering a complete portfolio of excipient solutions for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The excipient portfolio includes: high functionality excipients, binders, disintegrants and much more.

📍 Booth: 4E51, zone Integrated Pharma

Kerry has earned its reputation as a successful world-class pharmaceutical supplier that demonstrates excellence in consistent, high-yielding, customer-specific solutions for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and nutrition markets. At the CPhI 2023 Kerry will present their film coatings – espeacially SheffCoat TF (Titanium Free film coating). Kerry will be showcasing integrated solutions, including excipients, coatings, specialty cell nutrition, and acetates, all contributing to the development of medicines that tackle some of the world’s most challenging diseases.


📍 Booth: CC.B29, zone Excipients

KLK OLEO is one of the world’s leading oleochemical producers that is committed to delivering excellence in the global marketplace. Our integrated oleochemical complexes located in key sourcing and supply markets (Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Europe) produce a wide range of high quality sustainable oleochemical products from natural renewable raw materials.

Using a novel technology, KLK OLEO just launched a breakthrough eXtra Pure & Stable Glycerine: ENHEX G 86 XPS  – the solution to maintain drug potency and prevent API degradation.

klk product


📍 Booth: 4G28, zone Excipients


As a part of both Lactalis Group and Lactalis Ingredients, Lactalis Ingredients Pharma contributes to the shared vision of delivering the best to their customers. Benefiting from the experience and technology of decades of commitment and passion, they are entering the excipients’ market as a trusted pharmaceutical lactose supplier.

Their first excipient, Lactalpha, offers a range of pharmaceutical grade sieved and milled lactose conforming with the lactose monohydrate monograph of the current Pharmacopeias (Ph. Eur., USP-NF and JP). Milled or sieved with a various particle sizes distribution, Lactalpha can be used for tablet manufacturing through wet or dry granulation, sachet and capsule filling.Lactalis_header📍 Booth: 4G11, zone Excipients

Lipoid is the world leading producer of GMP Phospholipids for the pharmaceutical industry. Lipoid profides the full range of natural and synthetic phsopholipids and special grade lecithins. As pionier in the field with more than 40 years of experience, Lipoid not only offers high grade lipid excipients, but also regulatory, technical and anlalytical support.

Lipoid’s experts welcome you to discuss with them their exciting topics cGMP Phospholipids and high quality phospholipid excipients.



📍 Booth: 4J20, zone Excipients

Lubrizol Life Sience partners with customers to speed their innovative medical devices and differentiated pharmaceutical products to market. The dedicated team provides best-in-class polymers and excipients, along with state-of-the-art product design, development, and manufacturing services, with the ultimate goal of creating solutions that improve patient outcomes. Lubrizol’s main topics for the CPhI 2023 will be Carbopol for Nutraceuticals and enhancing solubility and bioavailability with their novel excipients Apinovex and Apisolex. Apisolex is a finalist at the CPhI Pharma Awards for the Finished Formulation Category. See Lubrizol’s LinkedIn article about this great success for further information.

📍 Booth: 4F20, zone Excipients

Magnesia is an innovative, international distributor for mineral raw materials such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron as well as selected vitamins, mineral yeasts and lightweight fillers.

The product highlights of Magnesia at the CPhI 2023 are among others:
MagGran® – own brand name and thus highest product safety. MagGran® are granulates and compactates suitable for solid dosage forms.
MagChel® – own brand name and thus highest product safety. MagChel® are stable and completely reacted chelates as bisglycinates.
Magnesium oxides with a high specific surface area as raw material, excipient but also as active ingredient

There are at least 3 good reasons to visit MAGNESIA during the 3 days at CPhI:

  • MAGNESIAs pharma product range
  • MAGNESIAs activities in sustainabilty
  • MAGNESIAs 40 years of experience and expertise that will be celebrated in Barcelona

See Magnesias LinkedIn article about their presence at the CPhI 2023 for further information.

magnesia banner

📍 Booth: 6D28 , zone API

Meggle is an expert in excipients, has achieved through excellent product quality and intelligent innovations a leading position globally in excipients. It comprises besides excipients for wet granulation and capsule filling also state-of-the-art specialties for direct compression and dry powder inhalers.

📍 Booth: 5D20, zone Excipients

Merck – A Leader in Life Science. Their broad range of formulation products covers excipients for solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms for small and large molecules.

📍 Booth: 5B50, zone Integrated Pharma

Nordic Bioproducts Group Ltd. is a spin-off from Aalto University developing and commercializing smart biotechnologies and biomaterials. Our mission is to create positive impact to world with functional and low-carbon footprint products and technologies.

The Nordic Bioproducts Group produce various innovative excipient solutions, such as microcrystalline cellulose. The new MCC type is not only sustainable, it combines also unseen product characteristics which can be of high interest in drug product formulation and manufacturing.

Microcrystalline Cellulose

📍 Booth: 3E11 , zone Contract Manufacturing and Services

PMC Isochem is a leading global chemical manufacturing company specializing in the production of high-quality chemical intermediates and fine chemicals. With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, PMC Isochem offers a wide range of custom synthesis solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals. At the CPhI 2023 PMC Isochem will present their functional excipient products for drug delivery and drug conjugate under the Isodel™ brand: Vitamin-E-TPGS and PolyAmino Acids.



📍 Booth: 81G50, zone API

Roquette is a global leader in plant-based ingredients, a pioneer of plant proteins and a leading provider of pharmaceutical excipients. In collaboration with its customers and partners, the group addresses current and future societal challenges by unlocking the potential of nature to offer the best ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets. These ingredients respond to unique and essential needs, enable healthier lifestyles and are critical components of life-saving medicines.

Roquette will present the power of their complete moisture protection portfolio. From preserving the efficacy of sensitive APIs to raising standards in drug stability and patient acceptance, explore everything our range has to offer – including three all-new excipient grades!

Roquette has been shortlisted as a finalist in the “Finished formulation” category of the CPHI Pharma Awards for PEARLITOL® 200 GT – mannitol.

Roquette welcomes you to join them at the Award Ceremony!

Roquette Hero Image

Roquette logo

📍 Booth: 5G29 & B13, zone Excipients & Meeting Room

Seppic Human Health Division designs and develops innovative excipients including coatings, vaccine adjuvants, functional excipients, high quality surfactants and dermopharmacy polymers. Combining the strength and resources of a large group with the energy and responsiveness of a small company, Seppic is equally dedicated to both customer care and product quality.

Seppic at CPhI 2023 BarcelonaAt the CPhI 2023 the Seppic experts will share their latest innovation and expertise on Seppic’s pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients.

  • Innovative products for dermo-pharma applications like polymers and natural emulsifiers providing multifunctional properties such as thickening, emulsifying and texturing capacities
  • A multicompendial surfactant range of Emulsifiers and Solubilizers adapted for global market needs and targeting oral, topical and injectables applications
  • New range of ready-to-use titanium dioxide free tablet coatings for pharmaceutical application

📍 Booth: 4E19 , zone Excipients

Sigachi Industries Ltd. is a Pharmaceutical excipient manufacturer and exporter. With over 30 years of experience and three multilocational manufacturing facilities, Sigachi is among the top manufacturers of Microcrystalline Cellulose and other excipients.

Sigachi’s preformulated excipient range, offers a wide range of solutions to the flexible tableting challenges that you may have to overcome. Irrespective of your batch size, your quality of tableting is consistent with high linear scalability. This helps ensure enhanced productivity and lesser batch variability.

📍 Booth: 5C28 , zone Excipients

Tomita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers providing high quality inorganic chemicals for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and other specialty fields in the world. Since Tomitas first success in synthesizing basic magnesium carbonate from bittern (a component of seawater) in Japan, they have been a pioneer in the inorganic chemical industry, mainly in the field of pharmaceuticals.

At the CPhI 2023 Tomita will take you a tour of the advantages of FLORITE®, multi-functional porous calcium silicate, in liquid-solid tableting, liquid powderizing and solid-dispersion formulation.



📍 Booth: 5B11 , zone Excipients

Find your way around the CPhI 2023 with the venue map:


Venue map of the CPhI

CPHI Barcelona Venue Map at The Fira
CPHI Barcelona Venue Map at The Fira; Source: CPhI

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