Dissolvable polymer microneedles for drug delivery and diagnostics

Dissolvable transdermal microneedles (μND) are promising micro-devices used to transport a wide selection of active compounds into the skin. To provide an effective therapeutic outcome, μNDs must pierce the human stratum corneum (~ 10 to 20 μm), without rupturing or bending during penetration, then release their cargo at the predetermined area and time. The ability of dissolvable μND arrays/patches to sufficiently pierce the skin is a crucial requirement, which depends on the material composition, μND geometry and fabrication techniques. This comprehensive review not only provides contemporary knowledge on the μND design approaches, but also the materials science facilitating these delivery systems and the opportunities these advanced materials can provide to enhance clinical outcomes.

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Masood Ali, Sarika Namjoshi, Heather A.E Benson, Yousuf Mohammed, Tushar Kumeria,
Dissolvable polymer microneedles for drug delivery and diagnostics,
Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 347, 2022, Pages 561-589,
ISSN 0168-3659,

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