Innovative Solutions in Tablet Development: MEDELPHARM and KORSCH AG’s contributions at the 13th Compaction Simulation Forum

Press Release

MEDELPHARM, specialist in innovative technologies and services for powder processing, along with KORSCH AG, were present during this year’s Compaction Simulation Forum (CSF) in Dublin.

As leading sponsors, both MEDELPHARM and KORSCH showcased their scientific contributions. They delivered presentations and shared their expertise in compaction simulation, formulation, and tableting through discussions, networking platforms, and a poster session on the second day.

MEDELPHARM presented a study by Formulation Scientist Dr. Delphine Ach-Hubert, which explored the use of the STYL’One “Take-off sensor as a tool for sticking assessment during tablet development”. Dr. Ach-Hubert demonstrated how this sensor, a new accessory on the STYL’One Evo compaction simulator, addresses sticking issues in drugs with low solid fraction (LSF). She cited studies showing that while reducing LSF improves dissolution rates, it also increases the risk of sticking. The take-off sensor allows for the quantification of this sticking potential in advance.

KORSCH’s Process Specialist, Dr. Moritz Rosch, presented on “Single Step Scale-Up from Compaction Simulator to Rotary Press,” emphasizing the efficiency of the STYL’One Evo compaction simulator in streamlining the scale-up process. He explained how understanding material behavior regarding compaction force and turret speed enables rapid and efficient scale-up with minimal material loss.

Dr. Rosch and his team at the KORSCH Innovation Center in Germany provide expertise in solid dose product development, equipment trials, and formulation optimization, complementing the technical & scientific support from MEDELPHARM Science Lab in Lyon.

See the full poster presented at Compaction Simulation Forum:
 “Take-off sensor as a tool for sticking assessment during tablet development” here

(click the picture to download the poster)

Take-off sensor as a tool for sticking assessment during tablet development

Source: MEDELPHARM poster “Take-off sensor as a tool for sticking assessment during tablet development”

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