Research progress of microneedles in the treatment of melanoma

Melanoma is an aggressive malignancy deriving from melanocytes, which is characterized by high tendency of metastases and mortality rate. Current therapies for melanoma, like chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy, have the problem of systemic exposure of drugs, which will lead to many side effects and premature degradation of drugs. The resulting low drug accumulation at the lesion limits the therapeutic effect on melanoma and makes the cure rate low. As an emerging drug delivery system, microneedles (MNs) can efficiently deliver drugs through the skin, increase the drug distribution in deeper tumor sites and minimize the leakage of therapeutic drugs into adjacent tissues, thus improving the therapeutic effect. In addition, compared with traditional drug delivery methods, MN-based drug delivery system has the advantages of simplicity, safety and little pain.


  • We reviewed the applications of microneedles for melanoma therapy.
  • The construction methods and properties of microneedles were introduced.
  • Different kinds of microneedle-based drug delivery systems were described in detail.
  • Response release of drugs are beneficial for their accumulation into melanoma sites.

So MNs can be developed for the treatment of melanoma, which can relieve the pain of patients and improve the survival rate. This review aims to introduce an update on the progress of MNs as an innovative strategy for melanoma, especially when MNs combining with different therapies against melanoma, such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, photothermal therapy (PTT), photodynamic therapy (PDT) and synergic therapy.

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Xiaodan Li, Zhining Zhao, Manyue Zhang, Guixia Ling, Peng Zhang,
Research progress of microneedles in the treatment of melanoma,
Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 348, 2022, Pages 631-647, ISSN 0168-3659,

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