Oil adsorption with Fuji excipients

Fuji Chemical Industries specializes in producing porous spray-dried excipients for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets. We spray-dry our excipients to produce free-flowing granules and unique internal structures that enhance compressibility and functionality. Our products are ideal when it comes to the adsorption of liquids (including oily APIs) with improved flowability and superior tabletability.


Fuji Oil Adsorption products

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Oil adsorption explanationKey Features

  • High API loading
  • Directly compressible
  • Spherical particles with high flowability
  • Tablet hardness of more than 50 N
  • No special equipment needed for tableting

Recommended oil loading

Excipients with Different Chemistries

Fuji excipients have a number of different chemistries as shown in the table on the right. Excipients also differ in terms of porosity which allows for different oil loading quantities. Choosing the best excipient for your application depends on regulatory factors, application types, chemical compatibility and stabilization benefits.

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